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Urgent! Forum Downtime this weekend


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Hi All,

We will be updating the forum software this weekend and the site will need to be turned off while we do this.

It's quite a major update which requires a lot of work so it'll likely be down for most of the weekend.

We will also be changing the forum to be completely private! This will mean if you're not logged in all you'll be able to see is a login screen. Any non-members and Joe Public will not be able to read any of the site content.

We've made this decision to add a little more security and privacy for all members and it'll be more difficult for spam to get in. Please still be mindful however that all posts will still be accessible once someone is logged in so still be mindful of what information you post.

Many Thanks, Mike


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Thanks Mike...some more security will be much appreciated

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Just a quick update.
The site has been updated and moved to a sub folder called Community. You'll notice that in the main url. This is to allow me to finish making the site private.

This last step will happen soon, I just need to make some custom coding first as it's not completely straight forward.

Hope you like the upgrade. The question and answer forum is now working again and you'll also have an option to create a Question instead of a standard thread in any of the other forums. Just change the type when creating a new post (under the main post text within the options). A question post allows you to select the Best Answer.