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Forum Guiding Acronyms...


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Just for Sari (as requested!) :D

Please post any acronyms that are used when posting on this site (or in Guiding in general) for anyone new to make use of - Guiding is so full of jargon and stuff like this that it must be bewildering for newbies :) I'll keep this post updated so that they are all in one easy to find post.

I have done a search to see if it's been done already, but couldn't find one - my apologies if it has been done before!

ABP = agnes baden powell
AG = Assistant Guider
ALQ = Adult Leader Qualification
BGIFC = British Guides in Foreign Countries (2017 onwards BGO = British Guides Overseas)
BH = Brownie Holiday
BP = Baden Powell (Also used when referring to the Baden Powell Challenge)
BPA = Baden Powell Adventure - last stage in Baden Powell Challenge
OBP = Olave Baden Powell
CA = Camp Adviser
CC = County Comissioner
CG = Chief Guide
CHQ = Commonwealth Headquarters (Now HQ)
DC = District Comissioner
DivC = Division Comissioner
DofE = Duke of Edinburgh's Award (sometimes D of E)
FA = First Aider
GGUK = GirlGuiding UK (Now GG)
GiC = Guider in Charge
HQ = Headquarters
JC = Junior Council
LBP = Lady Baden-Powell
LQ = Leadership Qualification
OH = Occasional Helper
PCP = Patrol Camp Permit
PH = Pack Holiday
PL = Patrol Leader or Pack Leader depending on the context of the discusssion! (a Pack Leader is a Guide who helps at Brownies)
PLC = Patrol Leaders' Council
PR = Public Relations
PS = Patrol Second
RR = Rainbow Roundabouts
SAGGA = Scout and Guide Graduate Assoc
SHQ = Scottish Headquarters
SS = Senior Section
SSAGO = Student Scout and Guide Organisation
QG = Queen's Guide
QM = Quartermaster (cook!)
TAC = Training and Activity Centres (Foxlease, Waddow, etc)
TG = Trefoil Guild
UH = Unit Helper
WAGGGS = World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (the global aspect of Guiding)
WCG = world chief guide
YL = Young Leader
YLQ = Young Leader Qualification

AFAIK = As Far As I Know
BRB = Be Right Back
BTW = By the Way
DD = darling daughter
DH = darling husband
DS = darling son
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
FB = Facebook
FLK- funny looking kid
FTL = For the Loss
FTW = For the Win
FYI = For Your Information
GGMS- god give me strength
IRL = In Real Life
LMAO = Laugh my (bottom) Off
LOL = Laugh out Loud
LSS- little so and so
OH = Other Half
OP = Original Poster
PM = Private Message
PMSL = pee myself laughing
ROFL = roll on floor laughing
TBH = to be honest
WB = Welcome Back
*** = What the Flip
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PL Patrol Leader
PS Patrol Second
BP Baden Powell
DC District/Division Comissioner
CC County Comissioner

Tons more but brain too tired at present.


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all
For taking time to help !!!
With you all posting in this thread it will help me lots
I will keep checking in for updates
Then hopefully I will understand the terminology


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ALQ - adult leader qualification
I can't think of any others at the mo but will put my thinking cap on.
although ALQ is still used the correct terminology is now:

YLQ (Young Leader Qualification - for those aged 14-16)
LQ (Leader Qualification - 16+)

TG = Trefoil Guild


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Some that I use on other forums - I haven't seen anyone else here use them though... but then they're not specifically guding ones!!

DH - darling husband
DS - darling son
DD - darling daughter
PMSL - p*ss myself laughing
ROFL - roll on floor laughing
TBH - to be honest

RR - Rainbow Roundabouts


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Excellent - keep 'em coming :) I've added them all to the first post and put them alphabetically for ease of finding (Guiding ones in one list, others in the second!)


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ftw- for the win
ftl- for the loss
gguk- girlguiding uk

wcg - world chief guide
cg- chief guide
lbp- lady baden powell
apb- agnes baden powell


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Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou! it makes a lot more sense now!
BGIFC i did know....my cousin has brownie packs wherever her DH's job takes her!
Thanks Kyzia and everyone else!
FYI in school we have
LSS- little so and so
GGMS- god give me strength ( my mom's)
FLK- funny looking kid
a bit unkind, I know.
Ta ladies, x x
A very grateful Sari X X