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Foto fingie


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
Erm not sure how to write this nicely so i shall just do it! HA

I don't wana b tagged in anyones photos if they put them on facebook please. I will tag myself in them but just dont wana have to go round untagging myself too much hassle n cba if im honest!! (can't write what CBA means due to filters of the word *****!) oooooh it didnt filter it!!!

Also as with the last G2G if anyones got video cam again can it not be put on youtube with me in it as I really dont wana b on there especially not when the kids at school are always on there!


For those of you who haven't clicked (even tho this IS IN the G2G3 SECTION of the forum) i am referin to piccies taken this wkend at G2G3 and not any other photos of me that you may have .....

It prob doesn't matter as Dawn says I NEEEEEED a health form and she wont write it for me. How rude of her!!
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NO, I won't do it. I've printed you a spare form, and bringing you an evelope, and probably will find you a pen as well.

If anyone should be doing it for you it is your Mrs!!! :p

Yeah yeah, no photo's, whatever :D


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for anyone worried about facebook photos particularly dont forget to chinge your photo privacy settings in settings>privacy>profile>photo settings just in case anyone missed this or forgets!!