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Question? Fundraising ideas - I'm a newbie!


I hope you can help! I recently joined my local Brownie unit as a leader in training, there has never been any fundraising for the unit which I want to change so I'm looking for any ideas you may have for successful fundraisers?

Thanks for you help - it's much appreciated.:)

CreigiauSnowyOwl x


First question to ask is - 'why fundraising'?

If it's for unit funds then it's worth asking the parents whether they would prefer fundraising or a subs raise. After all, there's the risk that you ask parents to donate tombola, raffle prizes and home bakes for the coffee evening, then charge them an entrance fee to give up their precious free time attending in order to buy half of it back!

If you decide that fundraising is indeed required then there are a few basic types.

Sponsored event - nobody nowadays actually sponsors per whatever, so it makes sense if they are doing something worthwhile as the activity - so a sponsored litter pick, or something sporty that gets them exercising. Downside is that it's the parents/families who pay.

Sale - whether a coffee evening, sale of work or equivalent, there is a lot of work in planning, running, and clearing up afterwards. It stands more chance of drawing in people from the wider community so it isn't just parents. And it can either be a small-scale event the unit runs, or taking a stall at a larger event. If the girls are going to make items to sell, keep a firm eye on choosing things they can make a good job of, and which people are therefore likely to want to buy on their merits, not out of sympathy.

Bag Packing - this is a popular option as it means it is the girls who do the work, and the parents aren't paying directly instead of indirectly. It needs arranging quite a bit in advance, and it's wise to give the girls a bit of training in how to pack, what to do if their offers of help are declined, and what sort of thing to say if someone asks what they are raising money for (this needn't be a rehearsed script by any means, just knowing whether it's for hall rent, or a special trip, or a particular charity, or whatever applies).


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I definitely agree with fenris. We don't do any fundraising as a unit because the parents prefer to just pay the extra subs.

That said, our district own a Guide HQ which needs maintenance, so we have recently started doing a jumble sale which was pretty successful when we did one in March last year. We have one coming up in October. Basically, we get the parents in the district to bring in nearly new clothing & toys to donate during the week of the sale. Then the volunteers (leaders and parents) set up on Saturday morning for about 1.5 hours and then the sale runs from 10-1. We charged an entrance fee and also sold bin bags for £3 which people could fill. People could also buy individual items, but selling bin bags meant we didn't need a load of change. We had refreshments, cakes and few tombola type stalls. We ended up getting around £400 for a mornings work which we then got matched through one of our leader's employer (she works for Sky). We did very little advertising for as it was the first one we did. This next one will have some more advertising :)


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Are they signed up for giftaid or easyfundraising? Easyfundraising works well for my unit as everytime I shop online (which can be quite often) I get a donation to my unit. when you reach £15 they pay it to your unit. if you use the link I my signature we get a small donation as well. most of the usual highstreet stores are on there. (whsmith, waterstones, amazon, baker ross etc.) you just have to remember to go via their site rather than a google search.

giftaid is through HMRC but can work out quite well if you get plenty of parents signed up. you can also back date it.