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Official Info: G2G11 Wales pt 2


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We know have a theme for the weekend - Turn Back Time.

A chance to reminisce about all those childhood fads, fashion disasters and crushes.


Brownie Leader and DC
I so wanted to come after having an awesome time at 10 .... But it's the pre trip weekend for my Iceland camp so I'm not going to be able to

Hopefully I'll be able to come and play again at 12!


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I have signed up! I think :confused: I'm not very good friends with Paypal but hopefully I've done it right and my deposit is on the way. Only a little bit nervous... I'm very new both to Guiding and this forum (been with my unit since September) so I thought I should get out and meet as many Guiding people as possible! It does look like from the "Who's Going" list that me and my tent are going to have the field to ourselves though...


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Very brave of you to jump in at the deep end!

G2Gs are generally loads of guiders having fun and silliness. Great way to meet people from all over though )


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Hi Juno

I'm also a newbie to this site and Guiding. (left Guides when about 13 yrs) and been with my Brownie unit since end of July.

Looking forward to meeting you