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G2G2 Awards


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I was voted most vain Guider for bringing my straighteners with me. Which is possibly the most ironic award, cos I'm so un-vain it's untrue. I wandered around looking like a complete scrote (can I say that???) all weekend and wasn't even fussed, or at least I wasn't until the photos started going up on facebook!!!

The reason they came with me was because I meant to straighten my hair before work on Friday morning, but never got time. Then I meant to do it before picking Gadget up on Friday afternoon, but never got time then either (and was still horrendously late getting ti her house as it was!), so I just shoved them in my bag to do when I got there. Then never got time when I arrived cos it was soooo hectic and was having too much fun meeting everyone and chatting!!

But to me it's like one of those ironic opposite nicknames so I like it anyway!! :D


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thats complex dawn lol! Djlucy was most likely2replace chris moyles we were just gona post her certificate as a surprise!! Lol!!
Mine was Camp Icky Bill. I never once asked the first aiders for anything! Just threw up twice and had a dizzy spell, nothing really. Mind you haven't been sick since getting home!


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well one of my votes in the box was for most dangerous guider!

...but whats the problem with pointing a loaded arrow in the direction of people because you have been distracted by the word badges....


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I know I bumped into someone on the saturday morning who was heading into the lounge to straighten their hair...but I can't remember who it was! (I was still half asleep)


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I had great fun explaining to the bf why I had a certificate saying I was voted guiders dirty stop-out lol! So thanks for that guys hehe