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G2G2 campfire songs


Brownie Guider
What about:

Alive Alert Awake
(to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It")

I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic
I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic
I'm alive, alert, awake,
I'm awake, alert, alive,
I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!


Alive: hands on your head
Alert: hands on shoulders
Awake: cross arms over chest
Enthu-: hands on thighs
-si-: clap
-astic: snap with both hands

Repeat the song a number of times, getting faster as you go!


Brownie Guider
Sorry Han
It's just a shame I don't feel Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic !!! I'm just sat at the computer supposedly working !! *silently singing the tune over and over and over and over!! again*


Beginner (10+ posts)
"What's that I hear? (Cup hand behind ear)
Up in the attic (point up)
it is an elephant (mimic a trunk with arm)
cycling around (spin round)
it is an elephant (trunk again)
so chic and elegant (pose!)
with his trunk out here (trunk AGAIN)
and his tail out there (mimic a tail)

Repeat nine times, still doing all the actions, but missing out singing the italic bits off one more line each time, then the whole thing in full again at the end.

Can't think of a way to descibe the tune on here really Bryony! Anyone else?"

I think the tune is a theme from Dvorak's "New World," probably better known since the early 70s as the background music to a bread advert.

[No - I'm an idiot - it's the theme tune to "Last of the Summer Wine" or near enough."
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