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G2G2 Favourite Moments


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I think this thread is needed...

  • I loved Smartie & Lynz as giant blue P*****s on the Saturday night.
  • I loved Purp saying "Hello, God here"
  • I loved Gadget & Alli's marriage ceremony
  • I loved meeting everyone

um I'm sure there's loads more, but those moments stick out in my mind.


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Gadgets giggling fits :D
Wren getting EVERY arrow in the board first time! (nice one miss!)
Rude campfire songs after the official campfire ended :D
getting to know Thomas and how he works! Teehee (lab & hils & carrie u know who I mean :D) teehee
and of course meeting you all!


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Alli and gadge getting married by God (purp) because brown.owl wasn't qualified!!

I really enjoyed all weekend I just have memories of giggling!

Sent off for my best of British membership ;)


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
but god doesnt know we exchanged lanyards n then we got divorced.... it was right at the end!! god did well!!! lol!!
i loved all of it if im honest.... def position of the month in best of british .... sats tea was nice as in us nattering n stuff...... snuggles from fuzz at campfire (she gives acest snuggles!!!) meeting tawny.... tawnys blokes offer..... lol!! ...meetin u all ...seein sum of u again....


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I loved the campfire, Meeting all of you, Hugs from Alli, Stroking Gadget (what girl could resist), putting the world to rights, Purp's face while eating the 5 sour sweets. OOOH and the scrambled egg was yummy!


just fuzz =D
i loved it all (even popcorn's bodily functions...) i particularly enjoyed gadget giving me a pound and a finger behind a tree, lynz then giving me a (slightly-below-average) finger (but no money), jim'll fix it, the best of british position of the fortnight, purp's tales of illegal twister, coolandme's foresight to bring CREME EGGS...oh, i'm sure there will be more to come...!

(admittedly i was less keen on bryony flinging tent pegs at me in the dark, claratrix punching me (more than once) and jayjay's false promises of great crested newts)


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Singing camp fire's burning.
Purp's camp fire led songs (you were fab!)
Dolly leading My Name's Joe
Sitting by the embers after the official camp fire had ended.
Scoring points on the archery (I LOVED IT!)
The craft session.
Purp kindly giving me TWO packets of roast beef mega monster munch :) Thank you :D
Sharing a tent with Bryony and Fuzz
Meeting everyone
Oh - there's too much.........

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...(admittedly i was less keen on bryony flinging tent pegs at me in the dark...
OK I will wait 'til it is light next time.

I loved...
- campfire!
- learning to tat (thanks T-bird!)
- talking to Clara for approx 4 hours in the car each way (poor cool couldn't get a word in edgeways!)
- randomly wondering around the woods for orienteering!
- meeting lots of lovely people and re-meeting so pretty nice ones too!

I didn't like...
- putting tent up in the dark (slippery poles)
- feeling ill after combination of sour sweets, chocolate, BBQ and cake...
- not managing to spend much time with everyone - too short!
So many memories,
screaming the scouts down
sitting round the camp fire till silly oclock
watching everybodies faces while they ate sour sweets

I'd also like to appologise for my bodily functions. I can't help it at the mo
my favourite parts were:
finding it a lot less frightening than I thought.
finding the courage to lead songs at the campfire without the aid of Tawny.
sitting chatting
orienteering with little kirsty and lab, with them it was so easy!!
making a pretty woggle, button, and dream catcher
scrambled eggs
smokers corner (we found out what the silly gutter chains were for!)