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g2g2 Saturday Craft/Activity Share


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On Saturday morning there will be a craft/activity share for those who want to bring something. Ideally we would like you to bring enough for 10 people. Any questions or money troubles with this please contact a member of the planning team :)


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
can b crafts for growed ups or for ur section, cud b a game or sumthin uv found useful/girls loved doin. Anythin really so that ppl can get ideas!
umm will put my thinking cap on and see what i can come up with, i know its spoils the fun but might it be worth other people telling every one else what they are bringing so there aren't loads of repeats.


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I will bring friendship bracelets as a quick and easy thing... will also have a think about other things. we made some fab lanterns the other week - we could have our own torchlight lantern parade!


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hmmm ... I'm not a crafty person, might have to be a different activity from me! how long are we going to have?

I can bring a whole box of card making stuff for people to do as the wish, it all depends though on whether BO can fit it all in her car,

I will have a think about smaller crafts as well.


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Sparkly, don't worry about space, i now have a really big car!!!! It's a renault megane scenic almost estate! We can load it up to the top if we need to!

I might try and get some fantasy film from smitkits for us to make flowers with as they are great fun to do.


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ive got my idea!!

smartie knows what it is, i have decide on the craft that is easy or all sections and camp be addapted for everything!


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I'm going to do origami style memory books, those of you who like scrapbooking, card making or any paper craft will love them - they're great for Guides or SS.
i'm really struggling with an idea ahhhhhh, we don't really do much craft with our guides except at xmas and special days when we do brought big craft things,

mmmmm what to do!