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G2G2 Unofficial Awards....

I would like to vote for myself in the 'Best Coping Skills' category. After all I have had to cope with Tawny 'foghorn on legs' 75 for the past 30 years!:)


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Ahhh come back from brownies (yes, me at a brownie meeting) and find you lot discussing my tounge...
Thanks for the smile though guys:)

Can i award Fuzz as the bravest for facing Huggles and not hiding:)
ooo and Bryony as the most patient for listening to me for ages in the car and not insisting on silence!


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i'd be grateful, after all we could be discussing gadget's alternative uses for your nose... ;)
I really don't think i want to ask!

*huggles* Fuzz so you can show everyone how brave you are! *whilst slipping some cream eggs into Fuzz's pocket*