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Official Info: G2G3 is here!!!


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Right, here it is. What you have all been waiting for, talking about, and generally being impatient for..... :gossip:

G2G3 (the northern one)!!!

When : Fri 17th - Sun 19th April 2009

Where : Guys Farm Activity Centre, Bay Horse, Lancaster (http://www.guysfarm.org.uk/)
It's easy to find by road, approx 2 miles off the M6 (J33)
Nearest train station - Lancaster
Nearest airport - Manchester

Theme : There will be one, and that's all we're saying for now! (Yes, we have decided what it is!)

Accomodation : We are aiming to get everyone staying indoors (seeing as most ended up doing that anyway at G2G2), and unless we have more people than beds and we can't get extra indoor space, then we aren't planning to book any camping space. Depending on numbers we will see how it goes basically, but unless you hear otherwise everyone will be inside. All indoor accomodation we book will be just used by us.

Cost : £35 (some small additional costs will be payable for instructor led activities you may choose to do. Details of this to follow).

Deposit : £15, payable by 31st January please.

If you would like to come, please email us (that's Dollypip, Sliceofrice, Gadget and Dawny) at g2g3@girlguidinglancsnw.org. Please note that this is the ONLY way we will accept applications, not via replies to this thread or PMs. Get in early, places are limited!!
Please include your guiders.co.uk username and real name, and any special requirements you may have, be it a downstairs bedroom, dietry stuff, or anything else you think we should know. Health forms will be needed in sealed envelopes to be brought with you, to be opened in emergencies only of course!

As for the last two G2Gs, G2G3 is for guiders.co.uk members aged 18+ only, sorry!!

w00t!!!! Get excited, we are! :D :D :D :D


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All sorted Jim, got your application. No idea why it wouldn't work for you, the others I have had all did! Oh well, never mind.

Link to Guys should work though! (or are you saying there's no such place as Lancashire! ;))


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right dawny i'm home now and so you can stop getting pestering emails from me! hehe

btw everyone - lancashire is the back of beyond! i've been there! hehe

*ducks before dawny throws things at her*


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hehe! Thats why you have 999 on speed dial - along with the number of the nearest hospital before you get there! One of our AG went to air waves (or was planning to at least) while being heavily pregnant - only seen her once since and didnt ask if you she actually went.


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Trouble is it will all depend on how I am..... might be absolutely fine, but then again, might be massive and sick..... wish I could wait till a couple of weeks before then before making any decisions!


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that has just given me the funniest images in my head of guiders trying play mid-wife and complaining about the lack of mid-wifery badge when they were a guide!


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By the way, for all those who have sent emails so far, thank you, you are all on the list. I will reply soon with payment details before the end of the weekend, I promise!


Jay jay you have no problems I have deliverd neary 30 in past and assisted at who knows how many its no problem lol