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G2G3 Photo Gallery!!


The Doctor (5000+ posts)
album 1

album 2

album 3

you'll only be able to see them if you are my friend, if not then request friendshi with your guiders user name and i'll add you.
Am confuddled cos I can see your pics and I havent friended you yet (I had to check my friend list to check - how sad is that?)

Rachel we "scots" had our own special shirts made! With Scottish Guiders @ G2G3!


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Mine are here:

*deleted link*

stupid link don't work. Fix later

More later.

Not sure if I've set it right but should be only friends who can see.


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Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
Photos are brilliant Sly :)

I'm sure they give some idea of what we got up to Amy ... it was GREAT.

I made Memory Books for everyone (Milly's craft at SG2G1) and they went down a storm. A lot of fellow Guiders are away with the instructions and guess what their Brownies and Guides will be making at the end of term as a leaving momento!!!

I now have masses of badges to sew on and am having to start a new blanket!!!

I'm really looking forward to SG2G2 and meeting you all again.

G2Gs are fantastic!!!!!
I am a complete novice when it comes to Facebook so I hope I have done this link correctly!!!

Please feel free to tag yourself if you wish (using your real name or your Guiders user name, which ever you prefer)

Sylvia Corbett's Photos - G2G3 | Facebook
I managed to get onto the link and the photos look great. You all look as though you really enjoyed it...I wish I had been there:bigcry:
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