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Official Info: G2G4 details!


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Which reminds me, Lynda will you let me know if you have a cheque from me??? I know I put one in an envelope and put your address on it, but can't find it ANYWHERE. Was wondering if that was because I posted it, even though I'm sure I didn't! If not I'll do you another!! :)
Nope nothing from you hun, I'm afraid!!


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Do we have a time for getting there on the Friday and finishing on the Sunday please, as there are cheap fares on the National Express Eastcoast Mainline site and I am trying to find which would be best for me to book.
We're trying to arrange a meeting some time this week to finalise things like that, we will let you know as soon as possible.


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Just wondering if there is a rough guideline of the best time we should arrive/leave? I understand things aren't completely settled yet with regards to a timetable etc, but a rough guide would be good.

Thank you x


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we're looking at a start time of 6pm on the friday, but we're also (well more me than the others) VERY aware of what rush hour in london is like, so i'm planning to get there lunch time ish so if it's cheaper/easier for people to get there at like 3 or 4, it's not a problem.

on the sunday we haven't really discussed what time to finish yet, but i think we're looking at giving you guys lunch.


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Good news then! Scotchmi5t and I arrive in London at some ridiculous time like 6.40 am, even after a good old wander in the big smoke we'll still arrive early!! hehe!

Country girls in the big city, this could become a source of much hilarity in so many ways!! hehe!

Can it not be sooner though?! Can't wait all these weeks!!! :(



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Making absolutly no promises - I have left all the thinky stuff about numbers and whatever to those who are good at it! But If you would like to come, and don't mind being left in limbo. If you email us and say so we can start up a list for filling places if someone drops out. (Not that that is encouragement to drop out!!!)


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Yep, def email Jenn, we've still got one maybe and one person yet to get back to us, so there could quite easily be an extra space...... :)