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G2G4 general talk


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I am just realising I have tons of stuff to do before half term though as I'm away from the Friday before G2G.
It shall be fab though.


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I'm also excited but am going to be at pack holiday (for another unit) that week, so apologise in advance if I turn up running purely on tea and no sleep!


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I need to go home for a few days before, as my school has now said they need evidence of all my qualifications (PGCE, degree and maths and English GCSE), and all bar my PGCE certificate are at my parents' house. So it is NOT going to be a restful half term for me!


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Getting excited now - only a week and a few days to go! Its my last day at my old job on the 29th and after work I'm heading on the train down to Edinburgh to meet Susi, then onto the London sleeper, so exciting! :)


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Me too Jenn as I am having problems with my eyes :( am having them tested on Thursday, but may well have to see GP on Monday if they are still as bad as they are right now :( All I can say is it is a good job I can touch type most of the time LOL.


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Dunno if this will help anyone, but someone I know who has had really nasty freshers flu managed this week to get the freshers flu germs into his eyes. Made it look all conjunctivitis like and sore. The eyedrops seem to be working well sorting it though!

I am a had a really lovely, laid back day guider :)