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:( at present I have been confined to my bed by the doctor due to a throaty virusy nasty thing....I am hoping that it will have gone by tomorrow (Ha!) and I'll be well enough to join you...


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I was stupid enough to ignore the directions "curtail all non essential activities" last week and went to Edinburgh for Capital Jig....I fear that if I don't listen this time I will just be dragging this out for even longer :( which I can't afford to work wise as I already have a huge amount of work to catch up on for uni....sad sad times!


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I am slowly on the mend i am still not right but I will be coming with a nice big box of antibiotics! I will need to get me some whiskey! pureley medicinal!


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I'm still getting over the second bug in as many weeks. so do excuse the hacking coughing fit I still occasionally get at the mo.......... :(


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Hey!! passing through!

Scotch already on the train to Edinburgh, our sleepy train is due to leave at 11.40 then we're on our way!

let the weekend begin!!!!

See you all soooooo soon!



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im soooooooooooooooooo excited its today. and today is here. off to finish getting packed n sorted, then its train time baby!!!!!


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I am now leaving behind my campaigning head (too late now anyway, voting is closed), picking up my claratrix head and gobbling lunch before I start to pack.
getting excited now




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Am hanging out at my aunty's a couple of miles down the road from the campsite! Will probably head over in an hour or so - see you all there :D


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Oh No! Tawny! hope you feel better soon!

I was aiming for the 15:11 train, but think I may have missed that!!

Going to go for the next one insted!