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I'm hoooooooooooome....

Still need to unpack, shower, find food (why DO supermarkets have to close so early on a Sunday? That was definitely an advantage of living in Scotland!), unbombsitify the flat, sort out for tomorrow, find a new ball for my belly ring as the plaster is annoying me now!! But it did work...


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Also home (thank you Hilzo for the lift) and am running a hot bath to crash into presently. Sooo tired, but had an amazing time. Thank you everyone, especially Claratrix, Lynz, BrownOwl and Coolandme but generally all concerned :grouphug:


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My dad has made Roast Chicken for dinner!!

How can I tell him i ate that yesterday...and I really can't eat anymore potatoes?!!!


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Did we give Balderick the bag of them in the end? I'm having a complete memory loss, I remember Brown Owl putting htem in the Sainsos bag, but can't remember what happened next!

We have sausages, but I'm just not hungry... too many sweeties?


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I'm home too......and so is wren.

Had such a fab time, made loads of new friends.

Can't wait to see you all again.

*joins in with the group hug*


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I had a brilliant weekend, thanks to everyone especially the organisers.
Who deserve extra hugs expecially clara and she knows why!!!
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