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G2G5 - General Chatter


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Hi guys!

Just passing through but didn't see a general chatter thread. Tell me off if there is one and I just missed it in my rush!

So looking forward to this weekend, got loads to be getting on with between now and then and I suppose I better try and get my days off booked!!

See you all soon!


Yeah, I know - Guides tonight, speaking to Trefoil Guild on Thursday night, Netherurd this weekend . . . just grateful it's half term next week!


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I've got heaps of other things as well as guiding....not enough hours in the day! Really looking forward to getting away that weekend though :)


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Just booked the time off work! yay. Done a whole batch of dates in one go! my boss was a little worried when i said i had a list of dates i wanted to run by her! lol.


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I really hope my wrist and arm are better by then or I'll not be able to do the activities I've signed up for. Actually, I need them better before then, as I'm QMing the weekend before when we go away with Guides...