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G2G5 - General Chatter

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
Glad everyone got home OK.

The Organisers would like to thank the intrepid travellers who made it far up north and over the border! Us Scots are a friendly bunch and the haggis are not as fierce as they think they are!!!

I had a great time and am enjoying a day off work to recover!!!!

Hope to meet up again soon.


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Morning all.....finally made it home about 11pm last night after a very long and slow train! The train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen was packed but we had fun anyway. I got fed by miserybabe and her other half before getting on the train to Elgin. :)

Thanks everyone for such a fab weekend, glad I can still breathe after laughing so much on Saturday night!!


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Glad you got home from Aberdeen ok

Why is it when you attempt to get to sleep everybody decides to text you? My sister decided to text me at 10.30 last night when I was almost asleep woke me up and got a short sharp reply! fell asleep quite quickly after that!


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I am wishing that I was still in Scotland, ummmm maybe I live in the wrong place? lol

I think I am a Yorkshire Scot! lol


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Got home in a brain dead but happy state! Was just drifting off when The Teenager announced she needed help with her Merchant of Venice english thingie so I had that to do before finally getting my head down.

Did manage to survive work today despite reading reminders from all you lucky sods who were off today! I'm off on Friday instead so *pfffffrrrttttt* hehe!!

Shall get the quotes typed up soonly!
See you all again soon!


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I've just measured my crate stacking bruise (which is, very cleverly, in almost the exact same place as my G2G4 bruise)

It is 10cm across in one direction, and 12cm the other direction. Yes I am that bored!