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Official Info: G2G5 Kit List

Cap'n Gaerlick

Captain Gaerlick of 1st Gaerlick Guide
Ladies and Gents - here is the official kit list for G2G5.

Sleeping Bag
Change of Clothes
Change of underwear
Warm, waterproof jacket
Wellies or strong boots
Hat, scarf and gloves (it is Scotland in March!!)
Indoor shoes
Wash bag
Guiders.co.uk necker (available for sale during weekend)
Camp blanket
Swaps and sewing kit
Craft / Activity to share or demonstrate (optional)
Teddy Bear / mascot (optional)
Health Form (to follow)
Camera (optional)
Alcohol (Optional)
Songbook (optional)
Dress-up for Highland Fling Ceilidh (optional)
Phone Charger (thanks Slice)
Anything else you feel you cannot live without!!!
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Ummmm that was a day earlier than you said!

Slice that would be a good idea, espeically for those who maybe able to access the interweb like at g2g3!


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Heehee :p
Np Sly, I just know that I always take mine with me and I wouldn't want people to be stuck so far from home with no battery!


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For those who don't want to carry a lot for trains etc - inflatable pillows are one of the best inventions ever!! You can get them in Tesco :)


Have to try harder this time smartie lol
wow thats a scarce commodity a vial of virgin's blood didn't know it still existed