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G2G7 Geocachers - Do you want to be friends!


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Just a quick thread for the geocachers at G2G7 & any others there are out there! If you want to be able to have "Friends" on the Geocaching Website you need to do the following:

The default setting is to NOT allow friend requests. I was going to try & "make friends" with you all, but can't send the requests though!

Hope this is helpful, it took me ages to find out why I couldn't send the request, so hopefully this should save you the bother.

(And I'm still cross I missed the walk, even if I did get badges sewn on :( )
hi Clare whats your user name ??


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my trackable camp blanket patch arrived this morning :)

i bought a travel bug too wonder how far he will go :)
We have one travel bug that travels with us (no-one's spotted the vehicle sticker yet) and another one we're preparing to 'release' soon.
The blanket patch sounds interesting... any info?


I have just purchased some magnetic ones so I'll be planting one on behalf of G2G7 soon and will tell you where it is when it's launched! Will try and meet Shazzab and Figgy to witness it if they want to come along!!!


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Well firstly you can sew them on your blanket
2. They have a unique number on them
3. other Geocachers can "find" you & it counts on your list of found ones.

I've been after one for ages & still hoping for one as a late birthday present, but not really expecting it. Will buy myself one if it doesn't materialise this weekend. And an Anglia hoody.


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I got a trackable patch for my birthday! It is now waiting to be sewn on to my blanket. Now I just need to get some one to "find" it!