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G2G7 is here!


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My bed wasn't a coffin bed, it was a bed next to the noisiest toilets ever! (If you went to the loo in CW between the hours of 12 and 6 either night, you probably woke me!) :p
Woops, sorry......did think the toilet was a tad noisy and was hoping nobody heard it!!!!! Luckily I had a 'non-coffin' bed too, was very comfy.

To add to the injury list, my grazed elbow wasn't caused by bunk beds or the shooting shelter, mine was caused by the high ropes :)


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After the first night I mastered getting into bed without knocking myself out, but didn't manage to do it in a ladylike way. Very claustrophobic, but at least it wasn't a coffin bed, not sure I would of fit in one of them


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I have bruises all along my hips from the Highropes & I'm still finding sitting down on a hard surface a little uncomfortable.

Crazy Chilly

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I found a bag at home last night with other badges I was bringing to swap but had completely forgotton about until I saw one of the badges on someonelses camp blanket. Oh well another time.


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I had a coffin bunk, but thankfully it was the bottom bunk. Was interesting getting in and out of it! Can safely add contortionist to my list of skills now! ;)

I have badges that Cazbly doesn't have - my County ones - put them back in my room and forgot about them! D'oh!


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I was just so glad when Blue_Dreamer & Sparkle turned up they were both skinny, as there was only the coffin bunks left for them :-0


I had no idea that they were "coffin" beds till I went to investigage but mind you my guides are smaller!!! :)

Hope it didn't spoil anyone?


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camping noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
had a fantastic time time met loads of new people and had fun
hope you all got a Cornwall Badge?

got how just after 7pm (not bad going) traffic was really good, it was so nice to finally meet the faces behind all the names
What Cornwall badges? When were they around?