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G2G7 Shopping: Want any thing from Trading?


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Last chance! Any more takers? I will be putting the order in at lunchtime, I will include the items that are currently out of stock (I was there badges & I love cooking badges) so if they get to me before I will bring them, other wise it is only a couple of badges to post on later.



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if the knitted adult scarf and bag set has been reduced now o :£2 then put me down for one please! Was trying to be good, but then you posted again!


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All ordered!

Right, I have sent the order as follows:

Gaelic-Girl Biscuits £2.00
Total £2.00

GuidingKB 2x I was there £1.54
Total £1.54

Jim Going away book £7.50
Total £7.50

kathrynha Biscuits £2.00
Centenary sparkle duffle bag £2.00
Changing the world metal badge £0.10
Changing the world woven badge £0.10
Child rain jacket age 5/6 £4.00
Guide adv. metal badge £0.60
Total £8.80

Lynz Scarf & Bag - adult £2.00
Scarf & Bag - child £2.00
Total £4.00

shazzab7 Biscuits £2.00
3 x I like cooking £2.10
Make a wish 16 £0.32
Scarf & Bag - adult £2.00
Total £6.42

sliceofrice Ducks pack £3.00
1x I was there £0.77
Total £3.77

Smartie Scarf & Bag - adult £2.00
Total £2.00

The "I was there" & "I like Cooking" badges are currently out of stock, to follow later. Hopefully they should be with me before 15th April, otherwise I can always post them on, as they are only small badges.

Cash at the G2G is fine, then I can spend it in the shop! Unless you need to pay me now, if so PM me for PayPal details.

Now I just have to convince OH it is not all for me, hide the credit card statements & find a second bag to pack it all into to bring up with me!


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Can I request a scarf and knitte bag combo (adult size) thanks!!!!
Hi Gaelic-Girl, I'm sorry, I had already put the order in when you posted.

There may well be someone else doing an order at some time, and even at £5.73 (with postage) it is still a fairly good deal if you wanted to go direct.


There will be a few things from Girlguiding shop at BW but I'm not sure what stock she'll have but I may nip down this weekend providing I get all the gardening and ironing done and seeing other organisers!!!!!!


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Will bring cash to G2G and sort out then! Just need to remember to leave some space in my bag for bringing it home!


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Great service, the order turned up today! .... But, they are out of stock on the Adult scarf & bag sets, and have said they are to follow. Hopefully they & the badges will be here in the next few weeksm but I'll keep you updated :)

p.s. HE was here when it turned up, but I managed to pacify him by instantly opening my tin of biscuits. He has also volunterred to help out any body else who is "only buying it for the tin!"


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If anyone is interested, I'm selling my size 18 navy leader's polo shirt and size 20 zip up hoody. They are in good condition and not faded at all. I can bring these if anyone wants to buy them, any price considered.