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Official Info: G2G8 Information


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G2G8's venue has now been booked. The organisers are Wren, Osprey and Smartie.

WHERE? Woodhouse Park, Fernhill, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4LX

WHEN? 7-9 October 2011

COST? Approximately £40 - to be confirmed ASAP

SPACES? There are 42 spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis

DEPOSIT? A non-refundable deposit of £10 would be needed to secure your booking

HOW TO APPLY: For now all you need to do is email g2g8@hotmail.co.uk and information regarding how to pay your deposit can be found here. Please let us know your username on your email so we know who you are!

As with all the previous G2Gs please note this is open to over 18s only.
Kindly note that the venue has a no music rule after 11pm and is subject to reasonable noise. We are near to the warden so will have to ensure that our fun is quiet!
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I'm sorry if the dates don't fit, but this was the only date left this year possible to do!


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I appreciate that Wren - just sad, but will see what I do.

I suppose if I am working that end of the country and stuck for the full weekend, I could be a part time G2Ger and just come on the Saturday, if that would not mess you up.


I'll check with hubby this weekend (as he'll be back home on Thurs, don't see him during the week!) but I think I'm up for it (just checking the scout county diary as hubby is a trainer!) so far looking good as only DS1 has Nighthawk Challenge that weekend and possibly hubby running the safeguarding on the sunday and boys won't be a problem as their Nan (my MIL) will have them :)


ooh October will be a good month - Big Gig on 1st (plus my DS2's entrance exam!), this from 7-9th and following weekend It's Grim Up North then Half Term!


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I'm most likely a no, will only have been at uni for 2 weeks by then and don't know if I'll want to be travelling away ect!


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Oooooooh I think that's still a free weekend in October for me. Will just double check first but I would love to come along and join you all in some fun again (naughty me has not been keeping my calendar up to date - but the work calendar is - and I'm on holiday!).


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It's hockey season, and as I don't know what's happening for next year I can't say yet! Plus I'm not working atm and not sure if I can spend the money, let alone travelling :(

Will have to have a think and see what happens, if all the places go then my mind will be made up for me!


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I think I shall have to pass its way too close to the end of my uni course. Well its not your fault it was the only date you could get, good luck with G2G8!