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i'm sure they'll be a thread later but if anyone is coming from/going through Bath a lift would be very helpfull thanks!


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Airport is a 34 min journey from the venue according to google maps. Not too sure about train stations, never very good with trains!
I'd imagine Bristol Parkway is the nearest train station (though I could be wrong, someone please check with maps and such!) Thats prob 15 mins ish drive from the site.

With the airport, even though google says 34 mins i'd suggest it will be a fair bit longer than that on a friday evening. The ring road jams up something chronic as can the motorways!


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Ok, so i might just being special, but Bristol Parkway train station is about 15 mins away according to google maps. If i remember my stations correctly, this one would be easier to get to than Temple meads. Or for real ease Yate railway station is apparently 17 mins away. You'd just have to let us know which side of the station you are on.


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Maybe I am wrong, I am after all, a blonde!!

*Joins Osprey on Google*

Nope, Osprey is right, Parkway is nearest.

*Goes off to re-work logistics*


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I'm blonde too!!! We could both be wrong. I dont know Bristol itself very well (neither does wren we got lost the first time we met).
Oi!! That was our mini advernture! Literally! My leg was black and blue after being hit because of all those minis!!


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Hmm, train could be a distinct possibility now too, as Bristol Parkway is on a direct line from Stoke on Trent station. It was the train from Bristol me and BAWRG were stranded on in Birmingham for ages in December as there was no driver to take the train from Birmingham to Manchester...


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Living between Temple Meads and Parkway, Parkway is definatly nearest as Temple Meads is nearer the centre of town. I'd imagine a lot of people would have to change at TM, but its only a 5 min journey between the two on the train.
I don't really know about Yate station, but I imagine there are less trains that way.

I use both TM and Parkway quite a bit with travelling home from uni :)


ETA: there is also a teeny weeny station called Patchway which might be even closer, but having only ever cycled past it I haven't a clue about its usefulness!


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Oh no - I go away 2 days + overnight and the g2g books out in that time?

I hope you can take day visitors and/or an overflow venue.