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Official Info: G2G9 Activities


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Activities for G2G9

The following activities will be available to do at an additional cost on the Saturday.

Air Rifles £2.75 per person (max 12) Minimum charge £15

Archery £2.75 per person ( max 12) Minimum Charge £15

Abseiling & Climbing £2.75 per person ( max 12) Minimum Charge £ 15

£1.50 per person outdoors (Minimum charge £10)

If interested in having a go at any of the above Please post below


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Does the air rifle shooting involve any low shelters?
I will carry a first aid kit to any activity selected by Jenn.

Could somebody double check the strength of the mobile phone signal next to each activity and delete any where we cannot call medical help easily.

And yes, please measure all shelters to ensure that Jenn will not walk into them.


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I would like to do climbing or bouldering, but it depends how I am on the weekend. So I'll not take a place off someone, but if there's a spare spot and I'm not too hurty then I'll have a go.


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Air rifles please.

I only do the climbing/abseil with people I know really really well because I am scared of heights and can sometimes do it and othertimes not :(