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Official Info: G2G9 East Midlands - 11th-13th May 2012


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After much site checking, ridiculing and general chaos, we’re pleased to announce that G2G9 East Midlands will be taking place on 11th-13th May 2012 at Drum Hill Scout Campsite in Derbyshire.

We are able to offer 36 places* at a cost of £40 per person for the weekend. Payment details will be released at the same time as your booking information.

Drum Hill is a beautiful site and we will get the benefits of a patio area and altar fire, as well as access to the site’s free activities – the assault course and low ropes – in addition to ones offered at an extra charge. The organisers who visited the site fell in love with its facilities and, just as importantly, its badge!

But no venue is perfect and we, unfortunately, did have to make compromises. Although these compromises don’t include coffin bunks, the venue only has five 8-bed rooms* with no “leader accommodation”. The site staff have kindly agreed to let Ben sleep on a camp bed in the store room so that we are not restricting places but this does, however, mean that we are currently unable to offer places to male members of the forum.

To give everyone a fair chance of getting a place, even if they only visit the forum once a week, we are posting the information now, but we will not release the email address or payment details until 7th November. Any PMs, emails on a personal account, carrier pigeons or flying squirrels that we receive in the meantime will be discarded.

I hope you’re all as excited as we are!

TJ, Ben, Emma and Hannah

* I'm not going mad. There are 40 beds, 4 organisers and 1 QM. Therefore, there are 36 beds available!


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Ooh, last time I went to Drum Hill I was 11! I guess it's not the same building, though, as that one had 4 leaders' rooms then everyone else on the floor in the main hall. The building had no toilets, just a cubicle with a chemical toilet in it, and whole building seemed to lean to one side... I remember passing another building on site though that looked nice.


oh blimey!!!! better check the diary as I know I'm going there in June and I've a camp the weekend before in Harrogate!!! Better ask OH if I can go!
No it's not the same one as you were in Jenn.
I think the one you were in is the other building they mentioned, as when I said about bringing my brownies they said the leaders could have a room and the brownies sleep in the main room on mattresses.


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Yorkie, Jennifer asked me if I would do the Big Camp too. But none of the available dates were perfect, so we just went for that one!


Yorkie, Jennifer asked me if I would do the Big Camp too. But none of the available dates were perfect, so we just went for that one!
Hi TJ, I had forgotten as Jennifer approached to me and said I've recruited someone from you - I did look puzzled till she dug out the notes! So you'll probably be joining my team????

I'm just hoping to go to the G2G9 - I just need to talk to OH as it's the month that he'll be out of the Royal Air Force and we're unsure when he'll likely to have a farewell meal in May!!!


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Its my birthday weekend, then Big Camp, then a weekend at uni-house then finish uni for good...

Think thats how my May will go :D


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Excited excited excited! Shall be eagerly awaiting the email to apply! (Hilz, I can't let you win!)


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OOOOO!!!! Excited!! yey....will be watching and waiting next Monday!! Though it's further away than Bristol!! Gonna need a long nap on the Sunday methinks!!