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Official Info: G2G9 East Midlands - 11th-13th May 2012


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Gahhhhh that's the first weekend of my exam term. Murphy's Law dicates if I deline I won't have an exam close around then but if I book I will. :S


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Fingers crossed I can make it! It's not too far from me but at the moment finances are non-existant so I'll have to wait & see!


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My Holiday form has to be in by tomorrow to guarantee for a Sunday off, so will book this date ready just in case i get to go :D.

That was very good timing for date release


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Hmm, pack holiday the weekend before, will Mr CB survive on ready meals and cheese sandwiches for two weekends running? And more to the point, can I cope with sleep deprivation two weekends on the trot!


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1 week before exams week......would it be silly to go...
Would it help if mummy said it would be okay to go? ;)

I'm at school on Monday - doubt it somehow that the teacher would be impressed if I ignored the kids so I could keep checking my phone! Fingers crossed I catch it at the right moment, I wouldn't be surprised if it was full in under an hour.


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Remember that I'm a teacher too, Ben also works in a school and Han and Emma work too. Details will be released either prior to the school day or after it.

I would also be surprised if it filled that quickly. This is just to give everyone a chance and to give people a chance to make decisions before panic booking.


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They've usually taken about a week to fill, or several days at least. There'll probably be more people who are at work during the day than who aren't. Though it's Guide day for me so I may be going straight to Guides after work...


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I think you guys are probably right. The only reason I thought it might fill up quicker was that everyone knows what day to look, whereas before it's been as people have chanced upon it, so not everyone signed up at the same time. :)


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Well, the argue ments have already began, Hubby saying it is bad timing & I shouldn't go. But when did I ever listen to him??