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Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
Friday Night: Burgers and Salad

Saturday Breakfast: Cereals Bacon Eggs Beans Toast

Saturday Dinner: Quiches Salad Cooked Meats etc

Saturday Tea: Roast Chicken; Sweet Potato Mash; Spicy Rice; Garlic Bread; Corn on the Cobs; Mixed Leaf Salad

Sunday Breakfast: Cereals; Sausages; Tomatoes; Mushrooms; Eggs; Toast

Sunday Lunch: Whatevers left!

There will be a selection of gateaux and cupcakes available for desserts.

If anyone has any problems please email me.

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Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Well I think, given the number of dietary requirements to take into consideration (and the problems you have been dealing with elsewhere), you have done an admirable job.

So I am going to say "please folks, smile and be happy"...... and there is a supermarket nearby if you need to bring anything else!


Guide Guider, Nottingham
Staff member
Sounds great, stuff there that I've never eaten before and will be giving a try!


Guide Guider & Senior Section Member
Looks good Dolly! Let me know if there are any gluten free bits you want me to bring, I get bread on prescription so happy to bring it for me and other GF peeps.


Guide and Ranger Guider
Sounds yummy! I will be having a weekend off slimming world and am planning on enjoying every mouthful! I have catered for enough fussy guides to know what a nightmare planning this to please everyone would be so thanks very much and well done to dolly.