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Question? general info


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Hi, could I ask for some info on SS please.
I am not an SS leader and we don't have one in our area - I run Rainbows and am AL at guides.

I simply don't know anything about SS - what do you do, how do your badges work, how many do you usually have, how do you keep/recruit them, are you the same as rangers but with a different name, how do you deal with census if you only have 4 or 5 members, how do you cover costs?

I have looked at the members area info on SS but doesn't really tell me much- I recently had to advise a 13yr old about where to move onto when she is ready and although i know a fair bit about YL (she has decided to join my rainbow unit as YL) but could only give her the print out about SS!

before you ask NO I am not considering opening a unit - I have enough to do with my Rainbows & guides atm but wouldn't rule it out in the future maybe!!


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Have you looked at the Senior Section website? That is where all the info is about what Senior Section is, what girls can do etc etc.

I can give you a bit of an idea of what we do, but I have only just opened a unit myself!

Essentially, Senior Section is the umbrella term for all 14-26 year old Guiding members. There are various roles within the umbrella term - Young Leaders and Rangers are just two of these. Essentially, Rangers are group meetings for Senior Section members, just like Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. Their official name is a Senior Section Unit, but most groups call themselves Rangers. We do all sorts of activities at our meetings, mostly decided by the girls and we will get to the stage where most activities are completely run by them too. The Senior Section programme is called Look Wider, which splits into 8 octants, each made up of 3 phases. Most activities we do can count towards one of the octants (mainly phase 1 activities). Other groups may do the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Commonwealth Award, and other challenges. A lot of units do the unofficial challenge badges too as they can be earned in a short time period.

We currently have 8 girls, 6 of which are Young Leaders in the district too. I think this is kind of the typical unit size, but I know there are some units out there that have a lot more girls. All our girls are 14-16 year olds, but other units do manage to attract girls across the age range.

For census, we will only be paying for the 2 that aren't Young Leaders which will come out of subs. We don't charge our non-YLs more money to cover it - it is covered in all the girls subs. The YLs and the 2 leaders will be paid for at other units (my mum and I are the leaders and both GiC of different Brownie units). Our subs are £30 for the term and we meet weekly. That covers rent, census and activities but we will be doing fundraising as ours tend to like doing stuff that costs money!!!

Hope that answers some of your questions. Happy to answer any more you may have.


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We have Senior Section girls who are a mix of Young Leaders to our Rainbows, Brownies and Guides and also some who just attend our Ranger Unit, and then some who do both. We only meet fortnightly for Rangers and sometimes for example when exams are on we may go for several weeks without a meeting. For TSS - Rangers we charge subs at £2.50 for those weeks they attend (this age group cannot realistically attend all the sessions due to school/college/work commitments) as that seems the fairer option. Those girls who are also Young Leaders have their annual subscription paid by the unit they are supporting and this is recorded as their "main" unit on GO. Those who just attend Rangers have the Ranger Unit as their "main" unit on GO and pay their own annual subscription. I normally collect any annual membership owing in January. If girls haven't attended between Christmas and the end of January I chase then to make sure they are coming back and collect their annual subs or remove them from GO if they say they aren't returning.