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This looks great. I've got my grandmothers handbook C. 1920-30's. also our guide unit had books and certificates. On the BBC history website they is a page for the peoples photographs, can't remember name but if you go to it and type Girl Guides into the search you will see photos of our Guide unit about 1928 and pictures of my Grandmother and her units.
Your Grandmother's handbook wouldnt be from the war years would it? Or there is no possibility of getting her to write down her memories of Guiding during the war is there...assuming she was involved?...


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Does anyone have a copy of 'The Big Test' that they could scan or I could borrow to do a project for my masters? It's ideal for my project but I cant find it anywhere unless I'm willing to pay LOTS for it, and as a student I dont have lots to spare no matter how good a resource it would be. They have a copy at CHQ but cant borrow it so would have to keep visiting and thats costly both financially and timewise...
I have! Have PM'd you.