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Question? Getting partner CRB checked


Rainbow GiC
My OH is beginning to help me with Rainbows, not actually coming to any of the meetings but like on Saturday we're walking the boundaries and he's going to be at the finishing point setting up the gazebo (sp??) and waiting around until we finish as he'll be looking after our 2yr old daughter. Anyway, it's just things like that, it means that for some of our activities they could come along to and I will be happy to say it's ok, my OH won't be helping but don't worry he is CRB cleared, it gives everyone that nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, my question is, does he have to become a 'member' of GG even though he isn't going to do anything other than come along on outings and look after our DD?

I have tried asking our CRB person, but not had a response (it may be that she is away).



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I thought men can't actually be members of guiding (they can be helpers though) and as a helper if he is likely to be 1:2:1 with any of the girls or helping out on a regular basis I would imagine he would need guiding clearance eg CRB


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Men can be members.

He doesn't need to be a member to help.

Unless he is going to be in situations without another adult (that is CRB'd) he doesn't need to be CRB'd.


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the recent communication we got as DCs re CRBs was that for every CRB check we do there must be a GO record
To have a GO record they should be helping more then twice a term and be having contact with the girls....

For an occasional helper it said they didnt have to have a CRB but if they were an occasional helper but staying overnight they must have a GO record and ultimately a CRB

I think I have interpreted that correctly and it makes sense!


Yes thats right
male unit helpers go onto GO When they are CRBed
Also if they become members they are crb'ed


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I would have him entered on Go as an occasional helper, that way you can get him CRBd through GGUK but won't have to pay census for him, that's what we have done for Mums who have come to help of pack holidays etc.


Rainbow GiC
Thanks Loopy, the current GiC thought it was a good idea to get him CRB'd, so I think I will put him on Go as an occasional helper.


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As a general rule, men can be members of GGUK, but can only go up to the rank of Unit Helper, they're not allowed to become an Assistant Guider/full Guider, District/Division/County Commissioner. From what I understand if he's looking after your daughter (and none of the unit) then he should be fine. If it's a one off then, my understanding is, that he doesn't need to be CRBed.

Like Loopy said if he's going to be an occasional helper, then it's worth getting him CRBed and getting him entered onto GO!, then he's known about officially.