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Getting the ball rolling!


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So I have decided that I am going to look into setting up a SSAGO for the University of Bristol. I have looked up the requirements from the SU (that at least 30 (!) people would be interested) for them to officially recognise and accept it as a society.

What should my next step be? Should I look into setting up a SAGGO then getting UoB to officially recognise it later (seeing as this years deadline has passed back in March) waiting to see if it has "feet"?

I have had interest from several areas, including a friend who hasn't had contact with guiding, is very interested but doesn't want to be a leader/ commitments of "Full Guiding".


Clearly, to get official recognition from the Uni, you first need to have enough people interested. But then, for it to be a viable group, you need to have a core team committed to it anyway, to organise activities etc.

So I think your first step would be to advertise for potential members. Once you have done that you will have an idea of whether finding 30 members is realistic or not, and you will also be able to start talking to those who have expressed an interest about what sort of SSAGO they want it to be and what they would be prepared to put in, and want to get out, of it.


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SSAGO also will recognise you even if you aren't a proper society at your university, as getting 30 people may be difficult. So definitely contact them. And you can still get involved with SSAGO balls & rallys even if you're not a 'society'. If there are any other universities nearby you could attract members from there too. As quite a few universities do this, and allow them to become members.
Good luck!!


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when the Cardiff SSAGO was set up many years ago we had members from Cardiff uni and UWIC (now Cardiff Met), so definitely look at other unis in the area.