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Getting your equipment to camp ??


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Got very excited over the weekend when I found out one of our guide parents ( A Mum!) has an HGV license and is also qualified to tow hazardous loads.
First thoughts were "Brilliant - someone who can get all our gear to guide camp"

This got me wondering how other people transport all their equipment for guide camp, because lets face its, it's usually a LOT of stuff. Do you hire an HGV for the day or do lots of shuttles with parents and cars?

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How long is a piece of string?:)
It depends how many people are going and how far you are traveling from where you store your equipment to your campsite.
We have divided the equipment between parents to transport in their cars. (It has to be made clear at the parents meeting that this is the plan and the same number and size vehicles will be needed for the return journey)
We have used a van which we had hired.
I have also seen units use a coach for the girls and equipment (but packing all the camping equipment was very challenging!)


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Numerous ways- my husband and others have driven hired vans, borrowed from work vans, all leaders fill their cars and trailers, lob a few bits in to parents cars, everything under the bus! Although I did have to help a unit pack their bus on a return journey as (as normal) the girls stuff wasn't packed as neatly into their own bags, so lots of extra bags etc and a full bus! Made the coach driver shut 1 side so I knew it wasn't just being pushed out the other side! Also finishes packing a leaders car and told them it will fall out when you get back!

I prefer leaders to take things, in cars or vans, as where I am they are more reliable and some of our parents don't drive. Everyone however stays to help unload at either end if practical.


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HIstorically, it's leaders with cars and a trailer. I don't generally like to share it amongst parents as I don't know when it will return..but it's a matter of needs must. It's not the physical transport that is the issue it's the loading and unloading which tends to be the same 2 or 3 people.

It is a lot cheaper and easier to hire a van nowadays and it can take so much stress out of the situation if you need it. It is a cost but against the struggle of fitting stuff into cars ( fewer people have towbars or trailers now) it is easier. The best was when we had a farmers daughter and we borrowed the sheep trailer for the week...


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We take the marquees and some gear in leaders cars, and divide the rest up between parents. They pick up the gear the night before from the storage garage, and then after they've picked up their daughters and the stuff they are bringing home for us, they leave it beside the storage garage for us to pack in when we finally get back.

Luckily we've not been in a situation where we end up with more gear left at camp than we can bring home, but we have had a situation where one of the largest vehicles had a minor incident on the way which meant they were not able to arrive and transport girls or gear. We were putting gear in every unused space in every car we had!


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The husband of a leader has a van so he’s usually drafted in to take the tents and group kit. He usually puts the tents up too, which is fantastic when we’re travelling so don’t arrive til 7pmish and need to get the girls fed and settled in


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I send it with parents mostly the week before camp and then they drop it back in the way home. We do then have to put it away but maybe that is for the best!

When I was a Guide we loaded it in the coach although I suspect there might have been a car of food.

I’ve started to teach my guides to pack properly it is a skill worth learning.


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We're taking our Scouts on camp this weekend, thankfully the other leader has a work van! We're going to share it out (Somehow) between his van and my little C3. If we needed to though, we would distribute tents or other items to parents.