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Question? GFI's


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3-5 ish, plus the planning and evaluation. For most GFIs, there's not a set number of activities required, so perhaps think about how long they'd spend in total if they were doing it across 4 different sessions and try to give them a similar amount of time. Although if doing them all on one day, then you'll probably need to allocate time in a previous meeting for them to choose and plan activities so they know what they need to bring on the day as that's an important stage of the GFI.


4 activities probably, as I would think 4 sessions equates to 4 activities?
Not necessarily. It might be one medium-size activity (say c30 minutes) or a couple of short activities (some of the quizzes can be done in 5 minutes) or could be half of a longer activity (making the clay candle holders in one session, and painting them in another).