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Question? Gift Aid & Sponsors!


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I've just got my details set up for my Unit through HMRC and I'm now able to submit a claim for Gift Aid online.

But I'm a tad confused....:confused:

I realise I can claim back up to 4 years but I don't have all the details and signed forms for all my girls back that far (I've destroyed most of the ones that have left a long time ago!)...so does this mean I can only claim for those I have the signed form and address details?

Also, how do you go about submitting the claim for sponsored events? I've kept our sponsored event forms which all have the Gift Aid column but I'm unclear how I input this onto the HMRC spreadsheet....
It looks like they're asking for the Guide's details and the amount raised but that can't be right? Or is it?? Or do I have to input every single entry from everyone who has sponsored a Guide over the last few years???

Help much appreciated x


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1. You can only claim gift aid o where you have an address, signature and completed form. So you cannot claim for those that have been destroyed.

2. Really you should be putting in each sponsor with address and postcode. Not guide details as they have not agreed or paid any money.

So yes every single entry for those who have signed and left full address. not all will or will be allegeable.


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There is a separate process for sponsored events. It is much the same but the individual forms completed should include the donors name address etc and include the standard declaration re being a tax payer, but the forms can be attached as part of the process so you don't have to re-enter all the details.

It means you have to be careful that 'Granddad' isn't included or Uncle Pete at work..

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Gave up struggling and ended up phoning the helpline at HMRC (now why didn't I think of that sooner :rolleyes: )
A very nice lady talked me through the whole process.
Re any sponsor forms, she explained that originally you had to input every single gift aid donation separately, but now they've simplified the process: you do indeed put the particpant's name and address (yes, even it's one of the girls!) and then the total amount gift aided that was donated, along with the date your unit received the money. Obviously (as previously mentioned) you need to keep the forms for evidence incase you're audited!
Phew! Sorted! Now just to trawl through three more years of accounts and sponsor forms.......