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Global Challenge???


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One of my guiders said she thought the Global Awareness challenge sounded like a good idea to do with the girls. I however can’t find any information on it. Does anyone know what it is?


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We did a 'Where in the World... Guiding Goes Global' challenge (set up by the NW Region) a couple of years ago - and as I do 2 Packs, and one Pack chose this challenge and the other a different one (which I should have anticipated but didn't!), I ended up with 27 badges left over. I've been hanging onto these on the basis that either the 'other' Pack could do this at some stage, or we could do a sleepover on the subject (once girls who've already earned the badge have left), but if this is of interest to you, I'd be happy to sell them on. Here's a link to the challenge, which includes a picture of the badge on page 28: http://www.girlguidingnwe.org.uk/me...re-in-the-world-goes-global-final-1512015.pdf


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Conundrum solved. My guider meant the sustainable development pack which is I think a girl guiding Scotland challenge.