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Golden Hinde? Has anyone done a sleepover?


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They dress the children up, feed them tudor food, make them swab the decks etc. It's aimed at KS2 level: then everyone sleeps on the gun deck and they give you breakfast in the morning.
They accept between 20-40 including adults so I was thinking we could offer it as a whole unit event.

Has anyone done this and if so what was it like?


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I think a leader in my district is taking her Brownies to do this sleepover at some point this term. Not sure when they were going though.

I may be able to find out from her what she thought of it.


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I'm back to update as 2.5 years after my original thread, we did go to The Golden Hinde for an Overnight Living History Sleepover. It was fantastic and I'd recommend it wholeheartedly.
The girls were dressed up and split into three groups, each group had workshops with The Master (on Officers), the Barber-surgeon (on medicine and superstitions) and a Gunner on life generally aboard ship. We ate and slept on board, and with 25 of us on the low ceiled gundeck it felt snug: I can't even image how 35 men plus a mini-farm of animals all crammed in back in 1577!
It was over an hour on the train plus tube time to get across London. I'd do it again tomorrow. Really enjoyed it and the girls LOVED it!


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It was £40 each incl adults.
The food was 'Tudor(ish)' in the evening: (delicious) root vegetable stew and bread. Continental in the morning when we weren't in character (fruit, bread, cheese, hot choc).
Tips: Wrap up warmly to sleep. Take roll mats/small inflatables. Girls with food allergies need to provide their own stuff. Hot drink available for leaders.