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Grow your £s


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My senior section are currently undertaking our Grow your £s challenge. They are aiming to beat the guides who turned £24 into £620 in three weeks earlier in the year.

Two have raised enough to launch it as a challenge badge - and are aware of the risk they are taking in that they may lose the money raised so far.

The pack and a copy of the badge, which will be available from mid November has been uploaded into the files section by the girls but for some reason didnt appear here!. The badges will be £1 each
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You seem to be doing an awful lot of fundraising - I've seen several different badges that all seem to be from the same unit. Is there a reason or problem?


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In june 2015 I took 45 guides to Austria and Euro Disney. We worked for every penny (£40000) and we're helped by our badges.

In 2016 5 girls have been chosen to go to india finland and cologne through intops and one has issued this badge to help

My senior section have joined with another and 43 of us are also going to Prague as part of our celebrations for the centenary.

Our guides (60 of them) are just starting fundraising to go to France in June 2017.

So yes we do a lot of fundraising of which the badges play a part - the girls have also bag packed every Saturday and Sunday in the last 5 weeks for the trips.

Our girls are working very hard and reaping the rewards.


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Great way to encourage your girls - NOT!

Instructions for Girls
Each of you has been given these instructions plus £X. If you do not take an active
part in the challenge you will be expected to return your £X by dd/mm/yyyy–
and I will be very disappointed in you!


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Nicole was meant to take that line out her draft - I hadn't noticed it had made it into her final version - I will get it removed. Thank you for pointing it out


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looking to raise money for census or trips - why not challenge your girls to grow their own pounds. run it like an apprentice challenge - great fun and our girls have been very successful.


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We are off to France on 28th June for two weeks thanks to everyone who supported this or one of our other challenges. A parent will collect my mail and post badges while we are away but service may be a bit slower than normal as she wont do it every day - if you need them in that period please order in advance!


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This badge is still running with some of our original group still in business. its been great to hear of lots of other units inspiring their girls to work for their trips / charity etc. Our lot are now planning several camps this year and czech republic in 2019