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Guide interest and go for it badges


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Hi as alot of groups are starting the new programme as of September they are clearing badge boxes our unit are looking for ones we need.
My unit are delaying moving over to the new programme for atleast 6 -12 months (partly finical and partly on girls choices). We are looking for some of the outgoing badges both go for it and interest (and we use the previous multi shaped badges too). So if your clearing your badge box please consider us, we / I (as im buying some out of my own pocket for the girls) can go upto around 30p a badge. We don't need all the badges but as the list changes then if anyone has some to sell and let me know what you have, i'll let you know which out of yours we are still looking for. Thanks.


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I suggest you take a look on Guiding Buy Sell or Swop (sic) on Facebook. There are loads for sale there, some as low as 30p.


The mixed shape badges are very out of date, so it's not ideal to be issuing those if it can possibly be helped.

I suspect that towards the end of the transition period some badges will become difficult or impossible to get hold of, new or second-hand, so on that basis I can't recommend leaving transition for all until the last minute - I'd suggest people should realistically aim to transition most of their girls by Easter, with only those leaving next summer potentially continuing old programme that long. Even then there would be value in looking at the transition requirements in case they could benefit from having the option of being among the first to gain Gold Award.


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Im not on guiding buy sell or swap.
I'd recommend joining the buy sell or swop facebook group as units are starting to clear out excess badges and buying up sufficient stocks of badges that they are likely to do over the coming transition year. Also if trading and depots run out, the facebook guiding buy sell or swop group is probably going to be the best 'source' for these.