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Guide Necker Photos


I have a notion (probably daft) of asking my Guides whether they want neckers as part of their uniform, either all the time, or for wearing on outings only. Was wondering if anyone had photos so I could let them see how different designs look with uniform?

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It's a good idea to ask their opinion, I would like neckers for our uniform but don't think we could afford them for all the girls :-(


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look in Guiding mag, there is always picures of girls wearing neckers.

Many years ago (when i was a guide) we tried having neckers for outing, but found we never got them back after each outing, so got to expensive. I also would like to bring them back as uniform (but we have enough trouble getting ours to wear uniform as it is without neckers)
we have neckers the girls get them when they make there promise and we have a points system that they get 5 points for being in uniform which includes there neckers, we brought them in for the new girls as they made there promise and the other girls who wanted them brought them. by the end of the first term they were all wearing them they are great for identifiying them on outings and look really smart,
we also have different ones that we made for pack holiday and camps that belong to the district and they are used to identify sixes or patrols on camp. they are given out on when the girls have there meeting on the first night of camp and taken back at the end of camp when we have done guide zone, or brownies dismissed. they are really good idea as we use them for sun hats in hot weather and identification also.


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ahhhh it wont let me grrrrr the picy i have is me and the other 2 guiders with our birthday cake and we have neckers on! RAGE! Fenris if you pm me your email i can email you come pics?


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We also wear neckers.

Last Autumn I took over as a Leader in training for a unit that had been closed for 6 months so after a few weeks we had big group discuss about uniform and what our unit would wear.

Most of the girls didn't like much of the new uniform and some were very confused by the colour & style of the skirts.

... anyway...

I thought I'd ask the question and casually asked if what they thought of wearing neckers ( since I'd been attending meetings in my original necker - more for good luck than anything. This was the unit I was a guide at 25 years before!!) To my surprise they all said YES!

Most weeks most girls wear them and they get presented with their necker when they make their promise.

One word to note - I re-ordered some from the Guide shop website, looking for jade which is our colour. The ones I received were not jade and didn't match at all. Apparently lots of neckers colours have been update to match the new uniform better!!!!! Nevermind they don't match the rest of the unit.

In the end I ordered them from the Scouts website as the colour was a perfect match.

PS If you're looking for a 5 minute filler, seeing if the girls can tie a friendship knot in their neckers is a good one.
Getting them all to have a go at ironing them at the meeting was also an interesting experience!:)