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Guide & Ranger Patrol Emblems


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I emailed CHQ to see if they could send me a list of patrol emblems & their shoulder flashes, and they very kindly have obliged! If anyone is trying to collect them or trace patrols in their unit then I hope it’s of some use. They don’t have every design in their archive, so some are missing information.

Shoulder flashes were used 1910-64/65.
The date beside each emblem is the year the design was introduced. Where there are 2 dates its when designs were changed. Flash colours in brackets.

This list covers the round, cloth designs and not those that have been resurrected/continued as metal versions. Because we know all those already!

Emblems in use up to 1937:

Buttercup and Daisies, 1910 (Yellow and White)
Ivy, 1920 (Green)
Mistletoe, 1917 (Green and White)
Dandelion, 1922 (Green and Yellow)

Emblems in use to 1966:

Buttercup, 1922 (Yellow)
Cornflower, 1910 (Royal Blue)
Clover, 1910 (Green and Mauve)
Daisy, 1922 (Pink and White)
Heather Purple, 1918 (Purple and Green)
Fuschia, 1910 (Red and Blue)
Honesty, 1917 (Mauve and Yellow)
Holly, 1917 (Red and Green)
Iris, 1910 (Purple and White)
Lily, 1910 (White and Yellow)
Lily of the Valley, 1920 (White and Green)
Pansy, 1910 (Brown and White)
Speedwell, 1920 (Blue and Green)
Violet, 1910 (Mauve)
Shamrock, 1913 (Green)

Bantam, 1917 (Red and Yellow)
Blackbird, 1917 (Black and Yellow)
Skylark, 1917 (Grey and Brown)
Sparrow, 1917 (Black and Brown)
Wren, 1917 (Brown)

Emblems in use to 2000:

Bluebell, 1917 originally called Harebell, 1913 – 16 (Blue and Green)
Daffodil, 1910 (Yellow and Green)
Forget-Me-Not, 1910 (Blue and White)
Marguerite, 1910 (Green and White)
Orchid, 1926 (Mauve and Yellow)
Poppy, 1910 - 1919 then 1925 (Red and Black)
Primrose, 1910 (Yellow)
Red Rose, 1910/1920 (Red and Green)
Scarlet Pimpernel, 1910 (Red, c.1910)
Snowdrop, 1918/1920 (Green and White)
Thistle, 1910 (Green and Mauve)
White Heather, 1923 (Green and White)
White Rose, 1910/1920 (Green and White)

Blue Tit, 1924 (Blue and Yellow)
Bullfinch, 1924 (Black and Red)
Canary, 1917 (Yellow and White)
Chaffinch, 1924 (Grey and Pink)
Kingfisher, 1924 (Blue and Rust Red)
Nightingale, c.1917 (Grey and Yellow)
Robin, 1917 (Brown and Red)
Swallow, 1917 (Dark Blue and White)
Thrush, 1917 (Brown and Yellow)

Unknown phased out dates (will be 1937 or 1966):

Hawthorn, 1922 (Red and Green)
Sunflower, 1910 (Brown and Yellow)

Ranger Patrol Emblems, in use to 1941:

Ash, 1928 (Green and Grey)
Birch, 1922 (Green and White)
Beech, 1922 (Brown and Green)
Oak, 1922 (Brown and Green)
Elm, 1928 (Green and Pink)
Larch, 1922 (Green and Fawn)
Pine, 1928 (Green and Brown)
Willow, 1922 (Brown and Yellow)
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