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Guide Sleepover.


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When I’ve been away with Guides before the usual unit guidelines were used, then things were added or adjusted as needed. For example allowances (if any) for mobile phones, uniform rules (are they expected to wear uniform the whole time?).


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In addition to our Guide lines which includes things like behaviour and phones we have a few other rules which we labour. The main ones being no one goes outside or undoes any door. We have a fire alarm practice. Sleeping gear is stored in another room until we settle down so that there are no slips etc on sleeping bags. We tell parents if they are going to send sweets they must check that there is nothing that contains nuts and everything must be suitable for everyone to eat. Everything is checked before it is taken into the hall and is confiscated until home time if there are any doubts. Parents are told they are expected to be available to pick up any child where there is a problem so they need one person who has not consumed alcohol ( we have had 2 occasions when parents didn't want to drive and collect a sick child because they had drunk wine at dinner) and can therefore come to the hall.