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Guider's Necker


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Did anyone manage to get hold of a Guiders necker for me?
I did ask nicely a while ago if someone would be kind enough to do so :)


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I asked Hilzo if there was a possibility of catching up on these and she said she was going try to.

Sorry, but with the number of people wanting them, I could not start buying them at the weekend -
(a) it would have been a big outlay and
(b) if people had then failed to cough up, I could have been left with loads.


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I think I have about four left of a batch of twenty after the weekend!

I'm really sorry for being very sporadic on here as of late - my fiance is out of a job in six weeks so my mind has been rather elsewhere and I might have to watch how many I can afford to buy in a batch, just as a word of warning.

I will start contacting people who have asked about neckers soonish. In the meantime there is information on the uniforms forum about them - I put up a word document with the details on the first post. :)


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That's cool, I don't mind waiting a bit longer if people asked before I did.
I hope you and your fiance are ok :)