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Guides' Own suggestions.


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We're off to camp in June. It's a district camp and I've been asked to do a Guides' Own. We never did them when I was a Guide and I've only got a vague idea of what one is.

Could anyone remind me what it entails or perhaps give me any suggestions please?


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The concept is a short service at camp based on the girls experiences. To be true to our programme it shouldn'tbe overly religious or based on one faith or another. I would recommend a couple of songs that all the girls know without words, two or three short readings should do it. There are some good resources available, Sharing or ..........(name escapes me), then maybe Go well and safely, daylight taps or national anthem etc


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Others like Senses, some of the Anglia Anthology or readings from various books and poems etc.

EG, I went to one last year where the daffodils were out and somebody read I Wandered Lonely.... - which was quite fitting really.


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Senses is a really good place to start. If I remmeber correctly (don't have a copy to hand) there is a section in there about Guides' Owns


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Taking religion out of it (although whoever has asked you may want it to be so) it's a sort of plenary in which to reflect. A good idea is to pick up on the theme or location of your camp, and hunt for some related readings, thoughts, poems, stories etc. When I was a Guide we would also have to prepare something for this, so maybe you could construct the challenge of each unit in the district coming up with a poem, song or even rap along the theme ready for it? Maybe a prize for the best one? Another thing is to pick up on recent news and give some silence time to think about it to the group. Actually I found out about Princess Diana's passing at a Guides Own.


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Thankyou ladies. I've got a better idea of what to do now. Our theme is the Wild West, so I'll try to incorporate that into it. Several of our units are affiliated with churches, but not all of them, so I'll try not to make it too religious as I haven't been specifically asked to do so.

What would be a good length of time for it to take? There'll be Guides and Brownies.


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Not too long 15 to 20 mins should see it done. That said if you try and involve everyone, so maybe each patrol/six does a reading or particular part then you may need to adjust accordingly.


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For a 'wild west' theme, perhaps you could look for some native American sayings or poems?

Sometimes singing a 'fun' song slow and solemn can work well too. I was part of an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme camp, and part of the Guides' Own was singing 'I'm a little teapot'. It was strangely affecting. Perhaps you could try "she'll be comin' round the mountain"?


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These are my favourite from working at Summer Camp:

It seems wherever I go
People come into my life or out of it
Touching me where I can feel
Then leaving me only a memory
Life the gossamer fairytales of children
Easily forgotten, and I wasn't through knowing the

How do I know whom I am seeing for the last time
How do you hault you life
And gather and keep those around you
That you've ever known...
And how do you keep fairy tales
From loosing their magic?

So come
Brush along the walls of my life
And stay long enough for us to know each other
Even though the longer you stay
The more I will want you back when you are gone...

But come anyway
For fairytales are the happiest stories we know
And great books are made of little chapters


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Strong Women
For the women
Whose kindness was stronger
Than the world
That weighed them down

For the women
Who believed in me
When I didn't even know
I was someone to believe in

For the women
Whose wills
Even my
Most explosive
Fits with
Only patience

For those women -
I will
Be me.

Jamie Moe


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Camp Magic
Camp Magic burns with the pattern of fire
Some years it burns like a bonfire
Stoked with fuel that's aged and ready
And some years the flames die down
Because the fuel burns away
Down to the last ember
Its time spent - until so few flames are left
That their tiny blue presence is hard to detect
But the essence is there
It takes new fuel to rebuild a fire
And new staff is fuel
Too full of outside life, to blaze life fuel from the past
The new fuel needs time to dry itself out
Of all the world's bigotry, hatred, negativity
But once it's on the fire for awhile
Its dampness dissipates
And the new fuel begins to blaze
Different than before, but just as brilliant
The trick is to add the new fuel as the fire burns
Not to wait to rebuild from ashes
The fire will never remain the same
And some years it will burn more
Brightly than other
But all the essence will still be contained
In the bed of ashes underneath
Just like the Indians, at the end of every year
One small ember in a protective green leaf
And put it in a safe place in our hearts
That way next year all we have to do
Is find some teeny tiny tinder and put it
On out cherished ember and blow

Jamie Moe


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I have used this one:

A smile costs nothing to give but gives much. It enriches those who receive it without make us poorer for giving it. It takes but a moment but the memory of it can last forever. None is so rich or might they can go without a smile. A smile creates happiness, foster goodwill and is a sign of friendship. A smile cannot be bought, begged or borrowed for it has no value if it is not given away. If someone does not smile give them one of yours

This was a nice one when we had a Promise celebration at a Regional camp- obviously now the wording has changed would need to be edited slightly:

When I became a guide I made a promise to myself and to everyone else. A promise which I am committed to keep, no matter what happens in my life, no matter how I feel at any time.

A promise to do my best, my very best and not just a best which is half hearted or second rate. A promise to love my god, remembering that god that has many different names and many different meanings to us all. A promise to serve the Queen and my country so I can improve our lives.

A promise to help other people whoever they are: not just people I know, not just people who look like me, not just when it suits me but whenever & wherever help is needed. We promise to keep the Guide law, whatever I am doing, day by day: to keep it so that other people can be sure I have the qualities that they expect of me- courage & loyalty, respect & consideration and self control

and this one amused me....


Plan ahead- it was not raining when Noah built the Ark

Stay fit- when you are 600 years old someone might ask you to do something really big

Don’t listen to negative criticism- do what has to be done

Speed is not always an advantage- the cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails

Don’t forget we are all in the same boat

Remember that volunteers built the Ark- professionals built the Titanic

Do not miss the boat


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I like Guides Owns where the Guides have something to do. At my licence camp the theme was Wizard of Oz and each girl was given a paper poppy. They had to place it on the grass and say something they had enjoyed/achieved at camp. At the end we had a lovely field of poppies (and nobody fell asleep!)

We always sing that song that goes "say when will we ever meet again..." and Go Well and Safely too.