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Guiding Handbook pages 65-72

Ellie Jambo

Beginner (10+ posts)
Does anyone want to do me a massive favour and scan in pages 65-72 of the 2012 guiding handbook? I need to read them for my young leader qualification!


Brownie Leader
Staff member
We're not allowed to scan parts of it, sorry! Your unit leader should have a copy, though- every unit is supposed to have at least one! :)


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Yep, please ask your unit leader, or your district commissioner to help you out.

As this is a current publication, hard copy only - anybody scanning would be in breach of copyright and could get into trouble.

I am sure you will be able to track a copy down quickly locally and good luck with completing your YLQ

Ellie Jambo

Beginner (10+ posts)
Thanks both of you, I didn't think of the problem with copyright, I will stop being impatient and wait until our next meeting for the unit copy! :)