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Guiding medal winners


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So who here can claim an ex-girl, or even a current member who has got a medal?

So far, one of our ex-Brownies has got a Paralympic Gold in the rowing. We have another ex-Brownie in the wheelchair fencing this week as well.


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Medals in general or just olympics and Paralympics?
One of my Ex-Brownies, now one of our Guides, was awarded the Star of Merit last year. Her sister was awarded a local radio station award for being a 'star' for her positive attitude at Guides when there is alot of disabilities and health issues in her family. (she is now YL)


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Ellie Simmonds was a Brownie

There's also a Guider competing in the shooting - she was in the last episode of Guiding

There were loads of comparisons about before, ie if Yorkshire were a country we'd have been 12th in the medal table - I wonder if CHQ have considered putting together where GGUK would be if they looked at medal winners who have been / are in Guiding?