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Guiding Tartan


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I have had a question I’m not sure of the answer and I haven’t been able to find it online so far!

Who may wear the Guiding tartan? Is it just members of Girlguiding Scotland, Scottish members of Guiding or can any member of GG/WAGGGS wear it? And even if they “can” etiquette wise “should” they?

I’ve been asked by someone who isn’t Scottish but wants to wear tartan, and said she would rather wear one with a connection rather than one of the generic ones anyone may wear.



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As far as I’m aware anyone can wear the guiding tartan neckie as they sell them in the Edinburgh and Glasgow shops to anyone who wants one irrespective of where they come from.


Anyone can wear. (It's only clan tartan where there is traditionally any limitation, and even then most people don't mind).