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Gumtree ad version 2


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Just saw this old thread:


And realised that is my old unit! I wondered if I wrote the ad, but it doesn't sound like my wording.

To be honest about the responses, it's probably worth filling you in that the unit is in a growing guiding area, and as such there is only the Guide unit in that town, its a new unit (<3 years) in an area that hasn't had Guiding for 20years. So there's no Brownie unit, hence why they accept girls slightly younger (basically they take year 5 & 6's in order to tally in with the schools). It's also pushing the adverts for the same reason.

Also in regards to the safety of the meeting place, I bet it's the safest unit going in that it not only has a computer sign in system, and a security guard at the entrance all night!!! No adult is allowed in without typing in all their address details!