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Halloween Playlist


Bananaface :oD
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Oooh, I don't have to wait til I'm home, it's still on my iPod! My Halloween mix..

Monster - The automatic
tainted love - softcell
drop dead gorgeous - republica
thriller - mj
monster mash - Halloween party compilation version
bones - the killers
sound of silence - simon and garfunkle
ticket to immortality - the dears
the murder mystery song - scouting for girls
dead in the water - David gray
time warp - rhpc
ghostbusters - ray Parker jnr
boris the spider - the who

I'm sure there were more, they perhaps got moved, I have quite a few good random spooky noises if you need any!

PS! Sorry all for the random caps, I'm on my phone and being lazy!


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These are great guys - keep em coming - i may have to ask for *ahem* help in "finding" some of the tracks nearer the time - i have a load of tracks i don't know what they are, so will trawl them searching.


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some are more tenuous than others but here's a few more:

Spiders - Space
Tarantula - Faithless
Baby Its Cold Outside - Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews
Freak Like Me - Sugababes
Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
Road To Hell - Chris Rea
Poison - Alice Cooper

anything by BeatFreakz
anything from Rocky Horror

I can help you out with a few of these BO - I have the full 10+min version of Bat Out Of Hell for one!
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Number of the Beast = Iron Maiden
hope it Gives you Hell - All American Rejects
2 minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden


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doctorin' the tardis! Timelords

Lol, I love some of the songs on this thread - may have to make up my own halloween compelation!


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For the oldest age groups I'd recommend anythin by the Murderdolls, though probably not suitable for little 'uns! Although the cover of 'White Wedding' may be ok...
I adore the Murderdolls and I'm only 16!!! :p

Cartoons- Witchdoctor
Murderdolls- Love at first fright
Nightmare Before Christmas songs (This is halloween!)
Exorcist theme (Tubular Bells?)
The Cranberries- Zombie
Warren Zevon- Werewolves in London
This thread has been really helpful and entertaining! I'm planning a Halloween party at brownies tonight, and have prepared the following playlist:

Monster Mash - Bobby "Borris" Pickett
Harry Potter (Hedwig song I think)
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr
Funnybones -
The Addams Family
Toxic - Britney Spears
Things that go bump in the night - Allstars
Superfreak - Beatfreakz
Somebody's Watching Me - Beatfreakz
Rentaghost (not sure brownies will appreciate this, but I sure will!)
Venus - Bananarama (and this!!)
Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Wizard of Oz soundtrack) I love this one...


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Even with my extensive music collection i'm still mising a few of the songs - if anyone can "help me find" any of the tracks, please email me at brown.owl@guiderplus.com
Missing tracks:
Bump in the night
i'm your boogie man
In the dark of the night
vampires are alive
number of the beast
cemetary gates
cowboys from hell
black sabbath
highway to hell
hand that feeds
devil woman
funnybones theme
monster hospital
eyes of the night
werewolves in london
exorcist theme
nightmare before xmas
fear of the dark
2 minutes to midnight
hope it gives you hell
number of the beast
road to hell
deserve to die
murder mystery song
ticket to immortality
she wolf
crying lightening


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I have a cd of monster mash and buffy the vampire the album if they are of any use.
I have buffy on my mp3 player but only the cd of the monster mash.
I do have a portable cd player though


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Been reading through this to create my own playlist and I've got loads more! Here's my entire playlist (thus far):

Bodies - Robbie Williams
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Living Dead Girl (Remix) - Rob Zombie
Bad Moon on Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival
Bad Things - Jace Everett (That's the True Blood theme if it helps)
Tricked Out - Duran Duran
Furious Angels - Rob Dougan (pretty much any Rob Dougan!)
Ballad for Dead Friends - Dashboard Prophets
Temptation Waits - Garbage
Black Cat Bone - Laika
Transylvanian Concubine - Rasputina
This Night - Black Lab
Monster - The Automatic
Toxic - Britney Spears
She Spider - Mew
Spiders - Moby
Spiders - Editors
The Timewarp - Damien
Zombie - Cranberries
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme - Nerf Herder
Run Away - Halo Friendlies
Sympathy for the Devil - Guns N Roses (because this version is better then the Stones)
Teenage FBI - Guided By Voices
Pain (Slayer Mix) - Four Star Mary
Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But... - Arctic Monkeys
Dracula from Houston - Butthole Surfers
Devil - Beast
Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Hell - Foo Fighters
Highway To Hell - AC/DC
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
Scared Of Lots Of Everything - Biffy Clyro
Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones
Devil In The Details - Placebo
Devil's Haircut - Beck
Devil Went Down To Georgia - Stephen Ouimette
Devil in my head - The Electric City
Devil In Me - 22-20s
The Devil Made Me Do It - Thunder
Hedwig's Theme - John Williams
Miss Murder - AFI
The Music Of The Night - Phantom
The Phantom Of The Opera - Phantom
Don Juan - Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Witch's Aria - Rob Lane (Merlin!)
Danse Macabre - Camille Saint-Saëns (The theme from Jonathan Creek if that helps)
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Republica
Bones - The Killers
Skin And Bones - Foo Fighters
Bones - Editors
Pillow of Your Bones - Chris Cornell
Dead In The Water - David Gray
Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
Poison - Alice Cooper
Witchdoctor - Cartoons
The Fear - Lily Allen
There Goes The Fear - Doves
F.E.A.R. - Ian Brown
Defying Gravity - Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked)
No Good Deed - Idina Menzel (Wicked)
This Blood - Black Lab
Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva
Raining Blood - Slayer
Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Variation] - Rob Dougan (You WILL know this - think Matrix and the woman in the red dress or many adverts/backing music - espec top gear)
Dead! - My Chemical Romance
In The Shadows - The Rasmus
Left Me for Dead - Rob Dougan
The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars
Hotel California - Alabama 3/The Eagles
Too Sick To Pray - Alabama 3
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlife - Alabama 3
Killer - The Hoosiers
Goodnight Moon - Shirvaree
Karma Killer - Robbie Williams
Karma Hotel - Spooks
Dexter Main Title
Dexter End credits
Sleeping With Ghosts - Placebo
Ghosts - Chris Cornell
Ghost In Your Mind - Black Lab
Evil and A Heathen - Franz Ferdinand
Disturbia - Rihanna
Mulder And Scully - Catatonia
Suffocate - Feeder
X Files Theme - DJ Dado
Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
Can't Fight The Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes
Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce
Firestarter - The Prodigy
This Fire - Franz Ferdinand
Bugs - Hepburn
Burn Baby Burn - Ash
One Wild Night (2001 Version - Studio Track) - Bon Jovi
Wild Boys - Duran Duran
When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys
As Dust Dances - Biffy Clyro
El Diablo - Arcadia