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Question? Have you done Bag Packing?


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As you know raising funds for your unit can be an ongoing struggle. However we've had a lot of success with bag packing at our local supermarket which has brought in £1000s to fund trips, uniform, equipment and hall refurbishments.

But getting approval from supermarkets isn't easy so when you do get that chance you want to make the most of it. We therefore want to put all the best ideas together. Wouldn't you love to know which supermarkets to approach, how much you can raise, pre-written letter templates, which days are best and how to get the best results.

We need your help to share your knowledge and experiences so we can collect it all together and help everyone. Even if you've never bag packed we still want to here from you.

Could you please take a few minutes to fill in our short survey and if you leave your details at the end we'll also let you know as soon as it becomes available.

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Thank you for taking the time to share and please use this thread to discuss any further ideas on bag packing or other fundraising ideas.


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Finished. We have our first bag pack following the introduction of the 5p bag charge next month.

I forgot to add, Iceland request a specified donation to their chosen charity. It used to be £50, but I believe it is now £25 (after the bag charge was introduced). At our last bag pack there, it reduced our income from £530 to £480, which was still a great amount for a shop with only three tills.

Other charities have told me that bag packing is no longer as profitable as it used to be, since the 5p bag charge was introduced, but still worth doing.